Recorded 2010 - 10 - 21

There was a lot of haze/thin clouds around midnight. The moon and jupiter looked like diffuse blobs and it felt like faint rain. So i didn't expect to capture anything that night.
But there was still a chance that it would clear up, and it did.

I wanted to make sure i got something so used both my Skywatcher 120mm f/5 achromat with Orion Deep Space Mono Imager II and a EOS 500D with a Canon lens.
I also used a Baader Semi-Apo filter on the 120mm to reduce the imperfections in such a beast.

I used DeepSkyStacker for stacking and then processed in Nebulosity 2.

EOS 500D - Canon 70-300mm Zoom lens at 300mm, F5.6, ISO800 and 120s exposures. Heavily cropped.

This with median stacking to bring out the comet.

Here's a shot with the 120mm achromat. 60s exposures.

This time with 120s exposures.

I was focused on making an animation of the comets movement. It was moving very fast.

Link 2.9mb GIF animation

Here's the animation captured with the 120mm achromat. There are a few jumps here and there. Unusable frames and once or twice where i had to reframe the comet as it was moving out of the field of view.
60 seconds between each frame during 1 hour recording.

Link 3.6mb GIF animation