Recorded 2012 - 08 - 11

Telescope: TS 102mm Individual f/11 refractor
Filters: Baader Red, Green, Blue and UV/IR Cut.
Extra Equipment: 1.5x barlow, 2x Ultima Barlow
Camera: DMK31AU03 USB Mono

Jupiter was recorded in the morning between 4:31 to 4:52 local time.

Used Registax6 for stacking and 1.5x resampling.

1.5x barlow - RGB - Resampled 1.5x.

2x barlow - RGB - Resampled 1.5x.

2 shots with 5 minutes between them.
2x barlow - Green filter.

Same shots with 1.5x resampling.

Animated GIF of the two resampled images.

Recorded 2012 - 02 - 10

Decided to use my 80mm Scopos f/7 instead of my TS 102mm f/11 as it has a motor focuser. I wanted to do RGBs of Jupiter.
Also wanted to see how it would perform with a 5x powermate, then you really need a motorized focuser.
I used AutoStakkert2 for stacking. Stacked with multimap and 25% were used for final stacking.
DMK31AU03 mono was used for recording.

UV/IR Cut with 2.5x powermate.

1.5x drizzle.

IR-pass with 2.5x powermate.

RGB with 2.5x powermate.

1.5x drizzle.

RGB with 5x powermate. Seeing was too poor for such a high magnification.