Solar/Astro Equipment

Here are some images of my solar/astro equipment:

Lunt 60mm Hydrogen Alpha solar telescop with the 50mm front filter attached.
The blue box is my DMK31 Camera attached to the Blocking Filter 1200.

The 50mm front filter for double stacking.

TS Individual 102mm f/11 achromat for white light images with a Baader Herschel Wedge.

Here's the Baader Herschel Wedge attached to the TS 102mm.

A little focusing trick to get very fine focus adjustments and minimizing vibrations from touching the focuser. I can just nudge it ever so slightly in one direction or the other.
It's a 1.25" wrench for filters. Used some felt to stick it onto the 1:10 microfocuser.
Bought the wrench from Scopestuff, highly recommended as well as the T2 and 2" wrenches.

Here with an adaptor plate built by TS so i could use the 50mm front filter and the BF1200 to use that scope for Ha viewing/imaging.

My (evil) base of operation including my minion cat.

My minion, relaxing after a busy day of doing absolutely nothing.

0.5x focal reducer.

On the left is the DMK31 nosepiece and on the right a shorter nosepiece that was machined by my local astro dealer (
With the shorter nosepiece i can reach focus with the 0.5x focal reducer for a full solar disc.

Stellarvue 1.5x screw in barlow that was made for my Stellarvue Binoviewer.

Celestron 2x Ultima Barlow.

2.5x Powermate.

TS 102mm, Lunatico 60mm Guidescope with Qcam5mono, Stellarvue 50mm finder, Orion manual filterwheel and Qcam9 mono.

Captured at the end of a planetary imaging session.

Scopos 80mm triplet.

Scopos 80mm triplet with electric focuser. Covered a bit by aluminum foil to eliminate stray light. The filter wheel got the same treatment.

Taking flats with my EL flat panel.

EL flat panel with variable brightness. Taped it to a piece of rigid carboard.
I can take flats at 2x2 bin with UV/IR filter now. Flats need to be above 2 seconds due to the mechanical shutter of the Qcam9.